updated 8:44 AM EDT, Mar 25, 2020

Radio Appearances

Peter Robbins and Whitley Strieber on "Exploring the Bizarre" with Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz on KCOR, LV, NV, February 5, 2016: Listen here.

In studio appearance on Where Did the Road Go? hosted by Seriah Azkath, as we talk about the new Travis documentary and my new book Halt in Woodbridge.


EDX Files programme, Glasgow, recorded 8-15-15, on Halt situation:


‘Radio Misterioso” when host Greg Bishop along with Peter Robbins, Richard Dolan, and Nick Redfern will be discussing what I’d characterize as the current crisis in ufology, and that’s putting it mildly:


I join Richard Dolan in studio with Seriah Azkath to discuss The Roswell Slides, Breakaway Civilizations, and False Flags.


A special ‘Fade To Black’ with host Jimmy Church and special guests Larry Warren and Peter Robbins. Originally broadcast March 16 2015:


I talk with Seriah about the current state of the UFO field, and Ryan Sprague joins us for a bit to update update on what was going on at the UFO Congress 2015.


 “Critical Mass Radio” is a terrific London-based program I was a guest on early in 2015. In it hosts Paul Giovanni and Andy young and I discuss a variety of UFO related issues and subjects. I thought their questions were first rate across the board and would be glad to return as a guest anytime I’m invited back. Critical Mass is not a subscription type show so there is no charge to listen. Recorded February 2015.


Now in the archive of "21st Century Radio," authors Colin Andrews, Robert Salas, Peter Robbins and author/host Dr. Bob Hieronimus discuss some of the extremely sobering and well documented attempts to disinform, mislead and deceive the public in the matters of the 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, and in the scientific investigation of truly anomalous (as in 'not man-made') crop formations. You can listen to this important and compelling January 2015 broadcast at no cost, the come to your own best conclusions.



The EDX Files with Alyson Dunlop is a relatively new radio programme our of Glasgow Scotland, but do to the intelligence, background and on-air presence of host Dunlop, shows great potential as in important new voice in paranormal and UFO related broadcasting. Non-subscription, no fee. My interview with Alyson was recorded January 2015


An outstanding episode of the “UFO Encounters” radio show with host Jim Harold, our subject for the evening, the future of Ufogy. This program was recorded on January 13 2015, and like other broadcasts in this series, normally available to listeners on a subscriber only basis. However Jim was kind enough to waive same in this instance and any and all are free to hear this episode as a courtesy with his compliments. Thanks Jim, and much appreciated.